Georgia House approves juvenile justice overhaul

Georgia House approves juvenile justice overhaul.

I have to admit it.  I think Georgia is on to something.  I am looking forward to an update five years from now, that is, assuming the Senate passes HB242.  Their ability to acknowledge that the current justice system needs an “overhaul” and are actually taking action to do something about it is admirable….no easy feat.  The article explains their belief towards addressing “troubled” youth by advocating for more resources that address the reason they are breaking the law, rather than focusing on punishment.

I have many concerns about the current criminal justice system.  One of them is that we will never be able to keep up the current rate at which we are incarcerating people.  The more youth who are incarcerated equals more beds needed in the adult correctional system.  The whole cycle of incarceration puts a person at a disadvantage: no housing, no employment, no skills = dependent on government resources upon their release.  The financial expense of incarceration hurts our economy, not to mention other ‘expenses’ it takes on a person’s life.

I hope this re-vamping serves Georgia well and their programs do address the reason for the youths’ action.  I have a lingering question; “What are these programs that work?” referred to in the article (link above).


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