Local & World News

State Trooper Walker

Master Trooper Walker was shot and killed March 7, 2013 by an individual who has a long criminal record.  Infact, he was on the docket again for a court hearing the very next day.

60 Inmates brawl in LA jail

A fight broke out between Hispanics and African American’s in one of LA’s jails.

West Virginia Sheriff shot and killed

Sheriff was known for cracking down on drug trades.

West Virginia case – suspect shot

Update on the killing of a West Virginia Sheriff

Banks exonerated in rape case

An unfortunate loss of a decade of his life; an amazing attitude as he moves forward.

Freed after serving 41 years and being wrongfully accused

Louis Taylor is a free man today, after being released yesterday on a conviction from 1970 for a crime he did not commit.  An excerpt from the article: “He’s free, he said, because the Arizona Justice Project and “60 Minutes” uncovered evidence of a shoddy investigation, suppression of evidence and racial bias.”

NY cop arrested on armed robbery & drug charges

Crime does not discriminate.  The news has been full of these lately; here is another article where a cop is the suspect.


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