I have attached the 2012 “Shakespeare Behind Bars” promo video.  It is worth the five minutes- they do a great job informing the viewer.  


I have attached a short news clip that discusses the challenges the city is already facing with the building of the new jail.  It will be overcrowded the day it opens.

Richmond City Jail


The clip below, ‘Externalities: When is a potato chip not just a potato chip?’ is a fun way to understand the concept of ‘externalities.’  It is only a few minutes long.  Have a look. 


This short clip, by Dr. Volkow from the Office of National Drug Control Policy, explains what is happening in the brain that is addicted.  This explains why the  “Just say no” era is long over.


Houses of Healing is a curriculum we use at work and it seems to have positive results among its participants.  The clip discusses the creation of the book and includes comments from offenders who have been positively impacted by it.  The book teaches emotional literacy, which allows the offender to deal with their pain, anger, and resentment in order to be set free from it.  Additionally, Power Source, was written for juveniles.  I believe the content of these two books address the root cause that keep people bound to imprisonment, both emotionally and physically. 


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