Hi!  Thank you for stopping by my page.  I am a graduate student studying Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I am excited about the upcoming semester and what I will be learning as I walk through my first digital storytelling experience.  The content of this blog is for a course in Adult and Juvenile Justice.

Besides going to school full-time I am a case manager in a county jail outside of Richmond, VA.  Along with case management, I work as a program developer for the jails’ substance abuse program.  It has been through my experiences in these two roles that I have become aware of how costly incarceration is for society.  I stand for accountability and compassion; and equally, justice and ethical responsibility.  I value the advancement of policy pertaining to drug addicts and the mentally ill who are engulfed in the criminal justice system.  I believe we will have a healthier America by addressing the injustices of our criminal justice system.  I invite you to join me.

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